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    The women of Tennessee are having their reproductive rights stolen from them. 

    Right now in Tennessee, there is a constitutional amendment that is going to be on that ballot in November that will give politicians the unlimited authority to restrict or ban abortion, even in cases of rape or incest or if the life of the mother is endangered. Its called Amendment 1 and it simply goes to far into our private health decisions. Even if you’re against abortion personally, you can see that. Not only that, but similar amendments have passed in all of our border states so, if this passes, women in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri and North Carolina all loose access to safe abortions. And “safe abortion” really is the key word here because this amendment is not going to end abortion. Its going to end safe and legal abortions. Women will still need them and still seek them but will simply be unable to get them in safe and sanitary environments. 

    Also, on October 1st, the Hamilton county (the county that the city of Chattanooga falls under) commission is considering a resolution to support Amendment 1. This would mean that the city of Chattanooga itself would endorse the amendment. The city has no right to try to sway voters one or another in a personal issue like this, and we need to let them know that. If you live in or around the Chattanooga area, please join us at the next county commission meeting on Wednesday, October 1st on the fourth floor of the Hamilton County house at 625 Georgia Ave. The meeting begins properly at 9:30 so we urge you to get there no later then 9:00. If you wish to attend, please contact me and I’ll be sure to get you Vote No On One shirts, buttons and stickers. If you can’t attend, please reblog this spread the word! 

    The women of Tennessee need you to Vote No On One!  

    The Duggars (famous reality tv family with 19 children) were in Nashville recently and voiced their support for Amendment 1 because it stops a “baby holocaust”. 

    Also, please support this Facebook page which is the official organization in Tennessee combatting this bill.

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    October is here! How about some happy Jack-O-Lanterns on Ball Pythons to get you in the spirit of Halloween?! (x) (x)


    I love dogs so much


    Solidarity, on a global scale.

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    Americans Were Asked To Place European Countries On A Map. Here’s What They Wrote:

    i have been laughing for days “glad to see college paid off” “i went to college i have my masters” “cold”

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    can we appreciate that in the first one Ukraine is labelled LAND